Falling On The 9th Moon (1999)

by Waiting For Words

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3rd album of WAITING FOR WORDS was CD Release in April 1999
"We R Back! (Back To Darkness)" did not originally appear on the CD.

Digitally Restaured from original stereo CD master and remixed on March 20th 2015 by ZeN

NOTE : this is not a multitrack remaster. Damage of times occured here and there with a couple of clicks, but no big deal.

Line Up was:
ZeN: Vocals, Keyboards and Programming
Théo: Guitars and Bass
Seb: Keyboards
Phil: Drums
Mickael : Bass on Tracks 2, 5, 6 & 7

"Falling On The 9th Moon" is another hybrid album laking of consistency. BUT, it also contains some of the best songs of the 90's era of the band. Both on a songwriting side and on the performance, arrangement our sounding.

8 tracks were recorded by the full line up, representing the live sound of Waiting For Words at the time, after 7 years of very intense touring and rehearsing with various line up.

6 other tracks come to complete it and were fully performed, recorded and produced by ZeN. Fully electronic and more intimate, those songs explore Trip Hop, Gospel, Electro, Soul...
"Falling On The 9th Moon" is also confirming ZeN's amazing songwriting skills. Songs like "Never Again", "Out Of Breath" or "Close My Eyes" are still to date, within the best song ever composed by ZeN. "Out Of Breath" is also considered by many fans as his best 90's vocal performance.
Another songwriter joins in with Theo, guitar since 1995 and 3 titles. Amongst them, "About You" that was also a fan favorite during the Tours at that time. A strange "U2 meets Nirvana" mood to it.

It's interesting, with a step back, to note that this album ends up a circle. Starting as a full electronic duet with the debut album "Tranquility" (93), it was key to ZeN to re establish those roots and the original spirit of the band after this almost totally "rock" 2nd album, "Another Quiet Night".

Despite the lack of consistency, the tracks are well assembled and this 3rd album contains some of the songs that may have the least suffer from times and styles.
With the rebirth of electronic music, most of those songs could easlily be released today with some additional treatments.

This album is definetely another interesting document to find out about the origins of the band and it sums up all the difficulty of the band at that time, stretched betwen the new wave/electronic DNA of the band and the Rock/Grunge era of the 90's. A struggle that would lead to the split of the band 3 months after this release... before the 2004 rebirth, but this is another story



released April 4, 1999

1, 5 & 11 recorded in December 98 / January 99 in Corbeille & Herblay, France
2, 3, 6, 8 & 9 recorded in March 99 in Basement Studios, Paris, France
4, 7, 10, 12, 13 & 14 recorded in February and March 99 by ZeN at Pop Station, Paris, France

5, 11 & 14 written and composed by Théo Crepet
9 written and composed by Mickael Benarouch
3 written and composed by Martin L. Gore
8 written by Michael Stipe and composed by REM
12 written by Simon Le Bon and composed by Duran Duran
All other songs written & composed by ZeN

(c) Foundry Records / Waiting For Words



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Waiting For Words France

Pop, Electronic, New Wave, synthpop

ZeN : Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Soe V : Vocals, Keyboards
Peter Rainman : Keyboards, Programming and Backing vocals

Waiting For Words pourrait s’assimiler à un OMD moderne et audacieux.

Leur musique mixe habilement structures rock, pop, new wave et électrodark, ce qui forme des sonorités particulières et plaisantes.
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Track Name: Never Again
Track Name: Close My Eyes
Track Name: Useless (cover from Depeche Mode)
Martin L. Gore
Track Name: I Need You (Oxygen Version)
Track Name: About You
Théo Crepet
Track Name: Facing The Depths '99
Track Name: Out Of Breath
Track Name: Drive (cover from REM)
Michael Stipe
Track Name: Understand
Michael Benarouch
Track Name: Shine
Track Name: My Friend
Théo Crepet
Track Name: The Chauffeur (cover from Duran Duran)
Simon Le Bon
Track Name: Close My Eyes (Meca Trip Hop Version)
Track Name: We R Back! (Back To Darkness)