Another Quiet Night (1997)

by Waiting For Words

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2nd album of WAITING FOR WORDS, "Another Quiet Night" is a combination of 2 Eps :
"Still Burning... Live" : Released in February 1996
"The Gold Ep" : Released in February 1997. It was also compiled as a compilation tape entitled "From Steel To Gold"

It was digitally transfered for a CD Release in June 1999 and then re titled "Another Quiet Night". Only tracks from 1995-1997 were included to make it a right pictures of this era.

Digitally Restaured from original 1999 stereo CD master and various master tapes and remixed on March 19th 2015 by ZeN

Line Up was:
ZeN: Vocals, Keyboards
Théo : Guitars
Seb : Keyboards and Programming
El Lute : Drums
Benoit : Bass on Tracks 2, 5, 6 & 7
Estelle : Bass on Tracks 1, 3 & 8
Inoks : Keyboards and Programming on Track 9

This album was not really intended to be one. In October 1995, the band recorded 5 tracks at Studios Le Templin, in live conditions in 4 hours.
4 of them appeared on the 1999 CD release and this re-release. A first version of "Facing The Depths" was left aside and re-appeared on the rarities compilation, "The Vault, Volume 1"
The 5 tracks were released as an EP entitled "Still Burning... Live" and sold on the gigs for the all 1996 Tour.
Early 1997, the band recorded over 2 days in Basement Studios 3 tracks (1, 3 & 8), clearly stating that after all those years of live work, that the band reached a new level and a lot of confidence. It's also a much deeper and darker work.
It was also the time ZeN saw Inoks again who composed a follow up to "Krystal Overture", the opener of the debut album "Tranquility".
Seb also had an instrumental he originally recorded for a short movie and entitled "La Voce de La Luna".
At the time, the song "Where Only Angels Cry" never appeared on a proper Waiting For Words release.
The combination of all those, if were added a couple of tracks from "Tranquility", could have been a compilation covering 1992 to 1997.
It was done and with the inclusion of "The Pain Of The Whole World" released as such on the tape "From Steel To Gold, 1992-1997".
It also included the first rough take of "Facing The Depths", from the Basement Studios session.

For fans who already bought the "Still Burning... Live" cassette, all the additional tracks were also released as a seperate tape entitled "The Gold Ep".
Almost all songs were written by ZeN and some recent tracks were dating from the early days with Inoks. "For All My Sins" was co written by the original duet and performed live since the last gig they did together, on October 31st 1993 with all line ups. "Another Night With You" was one of the last song they plaid together back then and ZeN pulled it out again in 97 and it was included in the set. For many, it was one of the most intense moment of their live set.

This is probably the weakest of the 3 re releases... but it also includes some of their best tracks and performances such as the raw powerful "Facing The Depths", the newly recorded and haunting version of "Cause I Do Believe" and the splendid "Another Night With You" that would stay in the set till 1999.
The band tried to re introduced it for the 20th anniversary concert in 2010 but was not satisfying enough to be performed live.


released March 20, 1997

1, 3 & 8: Recorded at Basement Studios, Paris, France, on January and February 1997. Mixed by Olivier and WFW
4 : Recorded and Mixed at Pop Station 1, Nogent Sur Marne, France, by Seb
2, 5, 6 & 7: Recorded at , Le Tremplin, Ivry, France, in October 1995,
Mixed by ??? and WFW
9: Recorded at WFW Home Studio 3 on February 1997. Mixed by ZeN

2 composed by ZeN & Inoks
4 composed by Sebastien Charpiot
9 composed by Inoks
All others composed by ZeN
All Lyrics written by ZeN

(c) Foundry Records / Waiting For Words 2004



all rights reserved


Waiting For Words France

Pop, Electronic, New Wave, synthpop

ZeN : Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Soe V : Vocals, Keyboards
Peter Rainman : Keyboards, Programming and Backing vocals

Waiting For Words pourrait s’assimiler à un OMD moderne et audacieux.

Leur musique mixe habilement structures rock, pop, new wave et électrodark, ce qui forme des sonorités particulières et plaisantes.
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Track Name: Facing The Depths '97
Track Name: For All My Sins
Track Name: Cause I Do Believe '97
Track Name: La Voce De La Luna
Track Name: Tranquility
Track Name: The Light Of The Moon
Track Name: Burning Steel
Track Name: Another Night With You
Track Name: Love Theme (Krystal Part II)