a MIX tHROUGH tHE nIGHT (Vol 2 - 2015 Edition)

by Waiting For Words



This is the 2nd volume of the 2006 Remix project. This 2015 edition gathers remixes NOT on the CDs ... perfecto companion to pursue the journey :)

More than a simple collection of remixes, "a MIX through the night" is a full revisitation of "a wALK tHROUGH tHE nIGHT".
The project gathers bands and producer from different countries: Island (Russia), Fatherless Child (France), Marcel Agterhuis (Netherlands), Foretaste (France), Quadrofusion (Germany), Digital Dream (Canada), Commuter (France)...

Waiting For Words doesn't simply sit and watch. The band re-worked "Cause I Do Believe" and "High".

Also appear Mycrotonik, who will join the band from June 2006 to June 20110 and Peter Rainman from People Theatre who will join the band on Tour later in April 2012 and in studio in 2014
IMPORTANT NOTE : Volume 1 and 2 were digitally released (iTunes, Deezer...) in March 2006 alongside with a CD version taking the best of both volumes.
We reordered the tracklisting for this 2015 Edition. Volume 1 become the CD version as Fans who bought the CD can now simply buy the Volume 2 to continue the journey :D

The band will tour till September 2008 to promote this album and extending their fan base buy playing live in Germany and Switzerland for the first time, as well as visiting again Belgium, UK and France.

No single were taken from this Volume 2. "Travelling Man (Rings The Phone)" was used as promo radio and appeared on various compilations


released March 16, 2006

Volume 1 : Foretaste, Waiting For Words, Marcel Agterhuis, Mycrotonik, Quadrofusion, Fatherless Child, People Theatre and Digital Dream

Volume 2 : Foretaste, Waiting For Words, Marcel Agterhuis, Quadrofusion, Fatherless Child and People Theatre




Waiting For Words France

Pop, Electronic, New Wave, synthpop

ZeN : Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Soe V : Vocals, Keyboards
Peter Rainman : Keyboards, Programming and Backing vocals

Waiting For Words pourrait s’assimiler à un OMD moderne et audacieux.

Leur musique mixe habilement structures rock, pop, new wave et électrodark, ce qui forme des sonorités particulières et plaisantes.
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Track Name: Travelling Man (Rings The Phone Remix) - [Foretaste]
ZeN/Soe V
Track Name: High (Height Mix) - [People Theatre]
Track Name: Above The Sky (Indian Skies Remix) - [M Agterhuis]
Soe V/ZeN
Track Name: Here Comes The Shame (Synth 125 Mix) - [Island]
Track Name: Cause I Do Believe (Beyond Mix) - [Quadrofusion]
Track Name: Resign (JFLash Quieter Remix) - [Quadrofusion]
Track Name: Waiting For You (Laid Back Remix) - [M Agterhuis]
Soe V
Track Name: Heal (Cure Mix) - [People Theatre]